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Guests will be lodged in a local, family-run Centro Turismo Rurale(CTR). These CTRs are very well appointed, eco-friendly centres situated in idyllic local villages.

One of our strengths is our flexibility. All our Wild Wolf Experience tours are arranged to suit your dates and flights. These tours are available throughout the year. We hope to hear from you.



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As you can see from the map on the right, we feature four separate wildlife tours centred on different parts of the Spanish mainland.

One is based on wolf-watching in the Sierra de la Culebra in the north while another revolves around seeking out the Iberian Lynx in the beautiful national park of Sierra de Andujar.

Our Browsing for Bears Tour is based in Asturias where the once heavily persecuted but now highly regarded Cantabrian Brown Bear can be observed feeding on the fruits and berries of the sloping mountainsides.

The fourth tour we offer, the Extremadura Experience, concentrates on the beauty and rich flora and fauna of Extremadura, with its raptors silhouetted against craggy cliff tops, songbirds  heard in full voice by tranquil rivers amidst unspoilt flower and butterfly meadows.

For full details of each tour click on the map or on the images in the "Featured Tours" section below.

Our vehicles will collect you from your airport and return you there at the end of the tour.

Collection from other locations can be arranged but costs would have to be adjusted.



John and Margaret now live full-time in the heart of the Sierra de la Culebra reserve surrounded by wolf pack territory; an area that boasts one of the highest densities of wild wolves in Europe. They are regularly involved in monitoring sightings and movements of the wildlife that inhabits this and the surrounding areas.

We now have an extensive network of contacts vital when dealing with elusive wildlife.

Because of the shy, elusive nature of our target species, we have a maximum of 6 - but no minimum. We even operate for solo travellers.

When not actively involved in wildlife watching there is ample opportunity for individual free time or we are delighted to take you to sites of beauty and interest. We are here to suit you, when you would like and how you would like. You arrange your visit with us, and are not dictated by rigid tour dates or group dynamics. It is your holiday after all. We provide a friendly, informal and flexible approach, overcoming any difficulties you may feel about travelling in areas where English is not generally spoken.






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